Events at Manor Hotels

eventsManor hotels in the United Kingdom are excellent choices for special events. These hotels have adequate space for business meetings, receptions, and banquets. The Calcot Manor Hotel in particular has a separate edifice specifically for business professionals. The “Barn” has a meeting room that is designed with modern conference room amenities such as data ports for internet connection, plasma screens, slide projectors, overhead projectors, audio/visual equipment, and conference call rooms. Business leaders can use the “Barn” for additional activities such as private project planning. The Calcot Manor Hotel also offers outdoor space for business social functions.

The Marriott Hanbury Manor Hotel offers up to 1,300 square feet of space and has 13 meeting rooms. This hotel is the most popular and spacious conference center in Hertfordshire, England. Meeting rooms at this hotel have open fireplaces and accommodations for outdoor event hosting. Hosting meetings at the Marriott Hanbury allows guests to quickly access nearby cities such as Stansted and London. The Manor House Hotel is also suitable for hosting events such as conferences, corporate golf outings, and other business related social gatherings. The Charingworth Manor Hotel is another excellent choice for companies considering future meetings or project development sessions.

Event planners can benefit from hosting other special events such as weddings or dinners at manor hotels in the United Kingdom. Guests can enjoy the grandeur of the manor hotels’ landscape. This reduces the need for excessive decorating as the surrounding gardens, ceremonial rooms, and dining halls create a scene that resembles historical majesty.