Scenic Areas in the UK

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Scenic Areas in the UK

The United Kingdom is highly noticeable with the vibrant color of landscapes in just about every corner of the country. England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland are distinctly known as being prominent countries of the United Kingdom. While each country has its own unique historical sites and entertainment venues, the scenic routes are similar in nature. Wales has very popular scenic areas particularly the along the bay and coastal areas. While many Tourists can choose to castles, museums and cathedrals, scenic driving is revitalizing to the mind when travelers venture by high mountains through the Llanberis Pass. The deep valleys in Peak District and high mountains in Scotland create a continuous view of splendor. London has several scenic areas that travelers and residents enjoy daily.

The country of Ireland is also known for its picturesque atmosphere. From the magnificent view of the Bru na Boinne and coastal paths of the Aran Islands, Ireland continues to yield more beauty as time goes on. Scotland is noted for being home to Edinburgh Castle, Melrose Abbey, and Glencoe Village. However, other popular scenic areas in the United Kingdom are Newcastle, Derbeyshire, Chesire, and Brighton, Sussex. The United Kingdom offers a variety of relaxing and natural venues for visitors to enjoy throughout the year.

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