UK Manor Hotels

manorManor Hotels in the United Kingdom offer a high level of luxury that is very exquisite. Some of the popular manor hotels in the United Kingdom are the Fosse Manor Hotel, the Manor House Hotel, the Marriott Hanbury Manor Hotel, the Burley Manor Hotel, the Calcot Manor Hotel, the Crabwall Manor Hotel, the Charingworth Manor Hotel, the Northcote Manor Hotel, and the Rothay Manor Hotel. Each of these hotels has distinct interior designs which have a mixture of early century architecture with modern day appeal. Manor hotels offer more amenities than traditional hotels. For example, guests have access to the hundreds of acres of plush gardens which can be used for a variety of occasions. The exclusivity of such opportunities creates the perfect settings for weddings, business, and golf events.

United Kingdom manor hotels are a popular choice because of the many historical events associated with the buildings. Dating back as early as the first century, the Burley Manor hotel was used as a military headquarters and Ettington Park Hotel had an active part in the development of England. Many of the manor hotels were originally built as castles and are former homes of historical legends such as George Poulett Scrope and the Shirley Family. Despite the absence of the original owners, their family legacies and prominence in society has been maintained in a high level of excellence throughout the succeeding centuries. In addition to the occupancy offerings, special events are held throughout the year at these hotels and open to the public.